Lessons & inspiration from our favourite DJ turned flower farmer.

Flower farmer by day and DJ by night, Luen Free is the groovy garden fairy we've been swooning over.

Nestled on fertile Bundjalung land, in the Byron Hinterland, Luen grows Field Roses, Dahlias and seasonal flowers warded by the birds and bees, without the use of any pesticides. Her blooms are then lovingly hand-picked and delivered to a handful of Byron's most notable and creative florists.

Luen came to flower farming through her work on permaculture farms while travelling, and has since fallen in love. Working with the sunshine and seasons to grow the most spectacular flowers, while simultaneously sharing their vibrancy and joy with us all.

Check out her instagram @luensflowers for dreamy videos of Luen dancing (working hard) around her surreal flower fields, rattling off latin plant names, and schooling us on how to best care for our blooms.

1. What inspires your love for working with flowers?

Flowers are so damn cool! They are like living paint, but also like soft lavish material. My inspiration comes from the desire to be outside. In the elements, reacting to what nature dishes up. But I also like that element of control. I much prefer making a garden look beautiful than cleaning my room :) Seeing my farm in full bloom is a massive dopamine hit!

2. What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from working so intimately with nature?

That you can’t make things happen without watching, slowing down and noticing the subtleties.

3. Can you describe how your background in permaculture influences what you do now?

I was living in the city working in music when I first took a holiday to South America and volunteered on a permaculture farm. That was about 5 years ago and it gave me the gardening bug! Until then I was a notorious house plant killer. My knowledge of gardening started with the understanding that we must start with soil heath. If you can get your soil nourished, well draining, full of carbon and nutrients, you’ll encourage soil life! Which will give you healthy plants!

4. After long days on the farm, what are some of your favourite self-care practices?

I like to play chess and have a glass of wine. Cuddle my dog. Cuddle my boyfriend :) A sauna in the cooler months. Most of my ‘self care’ happens in the morning. I mediate when I wake up then take my dog Muzzy for a walk or a run. When I miss these morning activities my day is never as good.

5. If you could give your younger self a piece of advise, what would it be?

Be yourself. Listen to your internal voice. Go with the flow.

Connect with Luen and her blooms at @luensflowers &

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