Freedom through expression.

Upon first discovering Jenna Bitar’s art, I was immediately captivated. Something deep within me connected with her paintings in a way indescribable by logic or reasoning. Depicting abstract scenes of Earth and emotions in their dimensional form of colour, I felt the true energy of Jenna’s muse wash over me with each piece. 

As an abstract artists and founder behind Café Organic in Bali, clothing label Renaco Atelier, and author of ‘The Organic Cookbook’. Jenna is a true creative in every sense, her highly attuned intuition and freedom of self-expression serve as a guide for us all in the power of listening to our inner knowing.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jenna while on her recent trip to Byron Bay. One thing that struck me from our conversation was Jenna’s openness and deep curiosity for life from a philosophical perspective – traits also evident in her curation of creative projects and something I immediately resonated with. We discussed plants, astrology, art and the nature of human consciousness. I listened in awe as Jenna described details of the raw and poetic concepts behind her artwork. Strongly guided by her intuition, themes of nature and human behaviour emanate off the canvas. Speaking to a deep longing within us all. Calling us back to our truest form. 

It was a pleasure to interview Jenna, learning more about her creative process and the exciting projects she has underway in 2024.

1. As a multidisciplinary creative wearing many hats, could you describe yourself, your passions and what you do as an extension of these in your own words?

I have a curious nature that has lead me to various avenues. It sounds cliché but life is full of possibilities if were open to them. I like to explore different industries, dabble with different crafts and enjoy the different processes of each. It keeps me stimulated!

2. You’ve mentioned you have no formal training in art, which i’m sure very encouraging to many budding creatives. How has the journey of discovering yourself as an artist unfolded?

I think abstract Art is one of those things where we don’t need training in. The freer the more raw and real the self expression. Though there is freedom within the bounds of structure I like the idea of play in the unknown.

3. Your most recent body of work ‘A Name You Whisper’ was very evocative of raw emotions and the nature of our humanity. Could you describe your inspiration behind this collection?

“A Name You Whisper” is born from a fervent desire to break free from societal norms that stifle the expression of love. Moving away from deeper and solemn topics like the previous exhibition I wanted to celebrate the very essence of life – Love. In a world often defined by guarded emotions, this body of work strives to unravel the intricacies of love that often remain concealed. Through a playful interplay of colours, textures, and forms, I endeavour to evoke the very essence of shared moments and intimate dialogues. To celebrate love rather than playing it down.

4. Viewing your paintings, it’s clear they are very much an ode to the natural world. How have your travels and upbringing in Indonesia impacted the way you express yourself creatively?

Growing up in an abundance of fauna has definitely shaped my understanding and love for nature. It is the common and prevailing thread in each body of work. Though each collection varies in theme and colour, nature reigns as the main inspiration. My first solo exhibition in New York showed abstract aerial scenes of earth, with textures and shapes mimicking its naturally occurring patterns. I am forever inspired by the sacred geometry and organic shapes found in the infinitesimally small microcosm and the ever expanding macrocosm.

 5. You are the visionary behind multiple creative business’ (Jenna Bitar Art, Ranaco Atelier, Café Organic Bali, Disposable Chronicle) – what is the common thread that ties them all together? And how do you manage these collectively without spreading yourself too thin?

They are all a result of trusting life’s flow and the common thread lies in the foundation of each project being bred in creativity. I get so inspired and excited about ideas and concepts, this fuel me to bring them to life.To answer the second question, like anything, projects require systems – which is a creative-thinking process. Perhaps not the funnest but like all things in life it comes with its challenges.

6. Lastly, can you give us some insight into what exciting projects you’ll be working on in 2024?

2024 is a very exciting one! I’ll be vagabonding around the globe for features. Rainbow Studios in Sydney will be showing 4 of my artworks this month. I’m working on an exciting opportunity that’ll be taking place in Dubai during Art week. I am most excited for the month of May, for my 31st I will be checking in to a little Mallorquin stone house nestled in the mountains to spend the month painting in natures tranquillity.


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