Intution, Creativity and Herbal Allies

There’s something about a woman unapologetically embodying their feminine energy, so in tune with themselves, their creativity, and the natural world that it takes you off guard. Captivates you. ‘Who is this woman just freely expressing herself in any way she sees fit? Giving all women the permission to do the same, simply by being herself.’  Well, that woman is Lucette Romy.

Carving her way as a soulful, purposeful creative in an impressive number of mediums, with Earth, our great mother, at the heart of each. From sustainable fashion design, ceramics, tapestry and more, Lucette’s ability to follow urges of the heart, while co-creating with the natural world is something I believe we can all learn from.

Growing up in the snowy mountains of Colorado before moving to Australia as a young child, Lucette has always found herself immersed in the elements. A lifestyle she describes as having taught her about the rhythms of the earth from a young age, impacting her choice to continue living in harmony with the nature world.

As well as leaning into her intuition on creative endeavours, Lucette has a strong connection with plants, our herbal allies. An ancestral birthright that exists within us all.

I was thrilled to learn more about Lucette, her most loved herbal remedies and what exciting things she has in-store for 2024.

1. You seem like a woman very tapped into her creative energy, with a multitude of mediums through which you express your art. How would you best describe yourself and what you do?

I think the best way to describe myself is as a multidisciplinary artist. It feels to summarize best that I work within a range of different mediums and forms that encompass a multitude of art practices. Currently my focus has been ceramics, with a highlight on lighting and furniture design, which is what lead me to working with wood. 

 I’m a self-taught ceramic artist, sewer and illustrator, though I’ve also taken my hand to learning some carpentry, knitting, paper making and more. I often find myself inspired to try my hand at anything creative, and it ripples throughout every aspect of my life. I’d love to learn how to glass-blow, forge metal and work with hempcrete as well. But it’s certainly a process taking on a new craft, I just love seeing how I can intertwine them all! 


2. Have you always felt so in tune with your creativity or is this something you’ve had to cultivate?

Definitely, I think all kids took to creativity when they were growing up in one way of another, but it really fed my soul in a different way. I never wanted to pick up sports as an after-school activity and always asked to enroll in art classes and creative workshops when I was growing up. I was lucky enough that my mum saw it was where I thrived most and she really nurtured those desires.


3. You’ve shared a little bit about your personal journey healing from stress and hormonal medication (a.k.a the pill.) I’d love to hear what practices or modalities you’ve found have helped you most? 

My journey was definitely long in healing, and really quite up and down as I imagine most of us experience. I can honestly say the greatest assets for me along the way have been connecting to nature and my herbal ally’s in the form of infusions, tonics and tinctures. I adore breath work and stretching too! There has been a lot of trial and error along the way that’s for sure. 


4. If you could share a message with women going through a similar experience as your own, what would you want to tell them? What do you wish someone had told you earlier? 

There is an innate wisdom in all of us. I really believe in connecting inward and listening to your intuition can be one of the most powerful things in finding balance again. Easier said than done but it really would be to learn to trust yourself more. Don’t let the opinions of others influence you too much. In general, I think it’s really important to remember that everyone’s journey is so different and what works for one may not be right for another. 

5. I know you’re big on herbs and overnight infusions.
Can you give us your favourite or most used herbal concoctions right now?

 My go to’s have always been Oatstraw and Nettle, whether solo or together they are such powerful ally’s for women’s health for a multitude of reasons. I’ve also been having a big love affair with Linden infusions lately for the incredible hydrating properties. Linden has this amazing demulcent nature to it, it really is divine and the taste is somewhat sweet! I will say I’m learning also a lot about connecting with blue lotus as well and there is a very sacred energy that comes through when working with blue lotus. 


6. Can you give us some insight on the creative endeavour that has you the most excited right now?

I’ve just moved into a new home and barely have any furniture, which is so exciting because I’m hoping to build almost all of it. Bed frame, side tables, shelving etc. it’s going to be quite a project but I think having the ability to decorate and construct with my own hands all the pieces for my home is giving me a lot to excitement and also hope for future commissioned works and skill sets!

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