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Stress + Focus + Energy

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Adaptogen and Nootropic based extract, hand-crafted with plants renowned for their ability to build resilience to stress, enhance brain function, and naturally invigorate the mind and body. Helping you remain calm, centred and in flow when there is work to be done.

Liquid extracts are considered the most bioavailable form of natural remedies, as the liquid form is able to bypass the digestion process (which usually takes hours), straight into the bloodstream. Allowing liquid extracts to work faster and more efficiently, requiring less of the remedy to get results. 

Additionally, tasting the plants in this liquid form is an essential part of herbalism and signals the beginning of the medicinal effect in the body. 

  • Balance cortisol and stress hormones
  • Enhance mental clarity, focus and memory
  • Reduce physical, mental and emotional fatigue
  • Naturally boost energy and mood
  • Protect from oxidative stress

Ocimum tenuiflorum (Holy Basil)*, Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha)*, Bacopa Monneri (Bacopa)*, Rhodiola Rosea (Rhodiola)*, Astragalus Membranaceus (Astragalus)*, Schisandra Chinesnsis (Schisandra)*, Cane Alcohol*, Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water. Rosemary Essential Oil*.

* Organic Ingredient

100% natural and cruelty free.


2 dropper fulls daily into water, tea, juice, elixir of choice or under the tongue.

Store away from heat & light.

Not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

We have ensured safe and effective dosages in all our products, however everyone reacts differently to herbs. We encourage you to tune into your body while taking these remedies and discontinue use if you experience adverse reactions.


Adaptogenic herbs work best when taken consistently over time. Working slowly, subtly, and deeply to impart lasting tranformation.

As a general guide we recommended taking adaptogens for the same amount of months as there are decades in your birthdate (e.g 30 years old = 3 months), then having a small break for efficacy.

If unsure of your tolerance, start with a few times a week, and if that feels good, increase to a daily dose or cut back if needed. Always listen to your body as a guide first. Herbs are powerful and effect every body differently.





Once-upon-a-time used by Vikings to see them through harsh winters and long journey across Siberia and Scandinavia, Rhodiola is well established as a plant of resilience. Recognised for it's ability to thrive in the harshest of environments, Rhodiola imparts a similar fortitude to those who consume it.

Known for its adaptogenic qualities, Rhodiola is used both traditionally and in modern times for building mental/physical endurance and resilience to internal/external stress.

Rhodiola's stress reducing properties work together with the plants ability to increase efficient energy production in cells and improving the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells - ultimately contributing to enhanced cognition, endurance and resilience.


Also known as Tulsi, Holy Basil is revered in Ayurveda as a sacred plant with sattvic or purifying qualities. Believed to open the heart and mind, fostering a sense of deep presence and connection with one's inner self.

Well documented for promoting mental clarity and focus, Holy Basil is powerful adaptogen that helps the mind and body adapt to stress, while restore balance to our internal landscape.

Its invigorating properties uplift the spirit, promote mental clarity, and enhance overall vitality. As a potent herb with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Holy Basil is celebrated for its potential to support both physical and mental resilience, making it a popular choice for those seeking an energetic boost and harmonious balance in their daily lives.


Known as the 'Five-Flavor Berry' in TCM, Schisandra encapsulates a unique combination of tastes - sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent. Its inclusion of all five tastes is representative of Schisandra's ability to harmonise and balance the entire body.

Beyond its distinctive flavour profile, schisandra is esteemed for its adaptogenic properties, supporting the body's resilience to stress and promoting overall well-being.

Also a gentle mental and physical stimulant, Schisandra is a wonderful herb for invigorating the mind and body, while simultaneously balancing the adrenal and endocrine system to prevent taxing on these system.


Well know as a 'brain tonic', Bacopa is a highly revered plant in Ayurvedic medicine for increasing brain function and promoting longevity.

Well documented throughout history and modern research for enhancing circulation to the brain, thereby increasing short and long-term memory, improving concentration, mental performance & cognitive function as a whole. Also containing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Bacopa is a wonderful plant for long-term brain health.

On top of this, Bacopa is also an adaptogen, promoting a sense of calmness and resilience in the face of stress, making it a popular choice for those seeking mental clarity and focus


A remarkable herb known for its ability to replenish the nervous system from long-term burnout thanks to it's dual properties as a nervine and adaptogen.

As a nervine, it exerts a calming influence on the nervous system, while also working to balance depleted hormones, aiding in stress reduction and promoting a sense of relaxation. This makes Ashwagandha an invaluable ally for those dealing with anxiety or seeking emotional balance. Simultaneously, its adaptogenic qualities enable the herb to enhance the body's resilience to stressors, both physical and mental.

Ashwagandha is shown to regulate cortisol levels, supporting the adrenal glands and promoting overall well-being. This unique combination of nervine and adaptogen properties makes Ashwagandha a wonderful choice for those aiming to fortify their nervous system, manage stress, and adapt to life's challenges with greater ease.


Boasting a spectrum of healing properties that have been esteemed in traditional medicine for centuries. Astragalus is renowned for its immune-boosting capabilities and adaptogenic properties.

A powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, Astragalus containing compounds that enhance the body's resistance to infections and support overall immune function.

Its adaptogenic qualities contribute to stress resilience, together supporting a healthy immune system in the face of stressful environments that otherwise may lead us to feeling rundown. Making this versatile herb a powerful ally when looking to fortify vitality and promote longevity,